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A few words about us

Cypress Hall Farms is run by Robert Elliott. After five years in the Marine Corps and 10 years as a contractor for the Marines, I came home to work my family’s farm as many generations before me. Going back to the old ways of doing things brings new products to your home and table.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have believed that I would raise poultry and love it, but I now live the dream. After five years of farming, I have found a secondary calling though. I help my fellow veterans get involved in farming and agricultural careers. If you are a veteran or know one looking to start farming, send me an email!

We look forward to getting to know you. Please call us and schedule a time to come take a tour.


What We Do

We offer pasture raised and organically fed chickens, turkeys, and ducks that are processed right here on the farm. We offer whole rabbit that is raised on pasture grass and legumes of their free choice. Our free range eggs come from the happiest heritage breed chickens whose sole purpose is not to just produce eggs, but to make anyone smile and laugh. Not only are they the best eggs you will ever taste, they are the most nutritious for you than any other that can be bought from a store.

Our vegetables are grown purely organically and are unbelievably great tasting. You can’t imagine the flavor until you try them for yourself. The reason for this is not only because they are farm fresh, but they are hand raised heirloom varieties of all types of vegetables. Nothing that we produce here on the farm is genetically modified in any way. By organic means of growing heirloom vegetables, you will notice a huge difference in our produce that’s better than any other you have tried before.

All of our products are sold here on the farm. This allows you to come out and see where your food comes from. Take a free farm tour and learn about what we are doing to help make your life healthier and how our livestock benefits from sustainable ways of living. After all, you are our biggest critic, so we want to make sure that you see the difference between what we produce and that of what can be bought at a store or delivered to you. Make sure you bring the kids so they can get to know the numerous baby animals that we are raising here. We know that our food is the best and you will too, so come taste the difference.


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“Judging based on the quality of the eggs I had, seeing how well manicured the land is, and my interactions with Rob over the last six months, I placed a pre-order for half a dozen chickens just so I can cook them for friends when they come to the house so they can experience what I did when I had that first bite of truly farm fresh organic food.”

-Chef Scott Swanson

“I must say that the chickens I bought from you were awesomely delicious!”

-Faith I.

“First off, our turkey was wonderful – even if it was huge for 4 people!  I was amazed at the tenderness of even the gizzard.  I have never had gizzard before that I wanted to eat by itself.  I had to make everyone stop tasting so there would be enough for the dressing and the gravy.  Thanks for your part in making this a memorable first traditional turkey dinner Thanksgiving for my son’s girlfriend.”

-Cheryl E.



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