Why Us?


Your Family’s Health

  • Our Turkeys are steroid, antibiotic, medication, and hormone free. They’ve never done any drugs at all!
  • They’re the healthiest by being raised on pasture with freedom to forage.
  • Your family will taste the difference in our turkeys. Hands down, these are the finest birds you will ever have at your holiday table.


Buying Local

  • Meet your farmer.
  • Learn about your food.
  • Become involved with your community
  • Learn what you can do to live sustainably


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Why Buy Locally?

FarmPeople tend to remember a being on a farm years ago, whether it be their grandfather’s farm or some other friend or relative that lived rurally. They also remember how great everything tasted on that farm all those years ago from the eggs gathered during they day, the fresh smoked ham on the table that night that was pulled out for a family gathering, or of course the freshly picked vegetables from grandma’s garden earlier that day that were so delicious that everything seemed perfect. The tomatoes were plump, juicy, and sweet. The corn was by far the best you remember. In the back of our minds, we compare things we eat to those that were so good back then.

What happened? We have removed ourselves from the rural parts of the country and the dealings with our local farmers. All of that goodness that we remember hasn’t disappeared. We have just taken the easier route of convenience. Consequently, our foods have paid the price. To compensate for the massive demand of readily available foods, producers have made all of our foods prettier but at the price of health and taste by modifying our foods and adding chemicals for any and every reason possible. You have heard about E-Coli, Salmonella, Mad Cow Disease, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s), and the list could go on ad infinitum. People come down with a food-borne illness everyday, and it has begun to shape a movement in agriculture.

Now the days of old are coming back to your table to enjoy with younger generations as we did all those years ago. Farms, large and small, are starting to produce the foods that we remember with all of the taste and none of the scrutiny. As we begin to reconnect farms and consumers, we cultivate the relationships of old with all new faces. We ask you to support your local farmer. Come grow with us.




Come grow with us